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Hello Moms,

My name is Lisa and I’m a mom to my beautiful girl Issey (her full name: Isabel Nuala Katarina Stajnko – named after her wonderful grandmothers ;0) I’m married to my gorgeous husband Rok (he’s from the beautiful country Slovenia) and we have a lovely life on the outskirts of Dublin’s fair city!

I created this blog for two reasons, to have a creative outlet for myself and to connect with all you lovely moms.

I’ve changed a lot since having my beautiful daughter if you asked me 4 years ago if I would be writing a blog about being a mom and sharing my truth I’d have probably laughed out loud!!! and responded with ‘no way’!

In fact 4 years ago I was a completely different person, career-focused and always burning the candle at both ends. Having Issey changed me into the best version of myself and made me take responsibility for the way I was living my life.

Shortly after Issey was born we had a rough start, after weeks of suspecting something was not right with our little one as she NEVER slept and was constantly screaming we found out she had silent acid reflux – the poor pet. Once we managed to get her symptoms under control (through a lot of trial and error) with osteopathy, eventually switching her to goats milk, and finding a baby colic formula that worked.  I just collapsed/burned out! I’ll never forget it, one Monday morning I couldn’t get out of bed, my body just gave up. For nearly 6 months a range of physical and emotional turmoil (immense body pain, unimaginable fatigue, illness after illness) ensued. Visiting doctor after doctor I eventually took my health into my own hands and together with my husband we researched alternative therapies/methods until we found things that looked like they might work for me.

Although going through this was a turbulent period in my life it actually turned out to be the best thing that happened to me. I found my passions in wellness, such as nutrition, juicing, smoothies, health supplements, essential oils, mindset and stress mgt, meditation, yoga, energy healing with Reiki and through all of this I turned my health and life around to the best it has ever been 🙂

I was able to reverse chronic body pain, chronic fatigue, and annoying infections and increase my energy levels all with a nourished lifestyle.

Last year I decided to leave my job as a business analyst, this was a very difficult decision as I worked so hard in this field and finally found an amazing group of people to work with. However, my heart was pulling me to stay home with my daughter (we are very fortunate to have made this work). She now attends a fantastic Montessori for 3 hours a day and we have set up a great routine that she loves.

Also, in the last year, I’ve trained as a Reiki practitioner and have read hundreds of books on the mind/body connection, meditation, and nutrition which fascinates me. I’ve also just become a Juice Plus representative as these amazing products have helped me and my family so much. I’m hoping to explore more training next year maybe in nutrition who knows… life is very different indeed! So that’s all about me for now, you can catch more on my blog posts 🙂

If you feel like it moms please share your stories, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

Love and Best wishes, L X

PS: These were the baby products that we found worked for Issey:

  1. Goats Milk Formula we found: nannycare
  2. Colic formula: Colic Calm


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