For those days…

Moms we all have ‘those days’ it’s important to be kind to ourselves when they show up!!

Hello Moms,

So on my last blog post, I talked about how I was feeling more mindful lately whilst going about my daily tasks. However, I wanted to highlight that while this is the case I still have some days that are challenging for me and I thought it’s important to share my thoughts and my approach when this happens.

Moms, even though I employ mindfulness and have a regular meditation practice I still have those days where things don’t flow the way I wish they would – and you know this is perfectly normal as we are human after all, trying to raise little humans 😉

My research and readings about the practice of mindfulness, meditation and following certain mentors that I resonate with often don’t talk about difficult times and sometimes just say you have to keep doing the work. Whilst I agree with this and it’s important to keep your meditation practice going I also think it’s important to talk about the days that are challenging and what to do when these days arise.

Challenging days for me include emotions just cropping up from nowhere, or my little one is calling me for the 100th time and I’m feeling quite drained. To wondering what time it is… as all I want to do is go to bed (however its just 1 pm in the afternoon). And/or, I know it’s time to cook the dinner and all I want to do is eat toast, not prepare a nutritious beautiful meal. When I have one of those days then I remember a few things that help me to get through it, let me share this with you:

  1. This will pass:  I remind myself as often as I can that these feelings will pass and if I need to I will have a little cry to release my emotions.
  2. Thoughts are just thoughts: I say to myself ‘my thoughts do not mean anything’  I  learned this from A Course in Miracles Workbook (ACIM), which is one of my favourite lessons from the course, it just means that your thoughts are not ‘real’ thoughts and sometimes our mind makes things out to be worse then it really is. I also use the following affirmation: ‘All is well’ and will say this as often as I need to.
  3. Have compassion: I remember to be kinder and more compassionate to myself. Oftentimes we don’t extend the same compassion to ourselves as we would to our friends/family members. So I will ask myself – if a friend was having a difficult day what would I say to him/her? And I extend the same kindness to myself and take the pressure off.
  4. Remove judgment:  I also stop judging myself for thinking I’m a bad mother, especially when I need time to myself, I will take a break, breathe deeply and make a cup of tea, and often times will write down how I am feeling. It’s surprising how writing down my thoughts will help change my energy.  However, it’s always challenging for me to do this at first, but I always feel better afterward.
  5. Move my body: I will often put on Spotify and dance around my living room (energy permitting) which always makes me feel more uplifted and helps toshift my energy.
  6. Reach out to someone I trust: Sometimes I will give someone I trust a call/text… this is a person who I know will hold space for me (i.e. just listen) and not judge me.
  7. Grateful for my awareness: And, importantly I remember how grateful I am for my awareness that I’m just having one of ‘those days’ and I’ll feel better soon because I always do 🙂

Moms, do you have ‘those days’ and if so what helps you? Love you to share this with me.

Best wishes and Love L X

5 thoughts on “For those days…”

  1. Hi Lisa
    Thank you for your honesty
    I love your blog and thaw way you are so honest
    I’m a mum have my twins when I was older
    I found this very challenging
    As was used to doing my own thing
    Done get me wrong they are my life and I love them dearly they are so good and make me 😁
    I have days like you described in your last post
    Good to know it’s normal
    I to am grateful and blessed
    For the life I have and feel selfish if I’m not on top form all the time
    I love helping others and and I suppose always will be the first to say I’ll do that 😲
    So it’s hard to change habits of a lifetime
    However I’m am trying
    Life is very fast these days and lots of people are so busy they don’t realise it’s
    All about living in the moment and sometimes it’s hard to do that
    I sometimes think we are all striving for the perfect life
    When really if we just take everyday as a new one we would feel better
    That said it’s hard to do when you have difficult days.
    I have a wonderful family that I love and cherish
    I’m working on my self a better understanding of living in the moment
    Like all mums I take on the
    Mummy guilt of doing everything perfectly
    So my task is to not worry about the what ifs anymore
    And live in the moment
    It’s hard to train yourself to do that but I’m trying
    Mums are great we need to give ourself a pat on the back
    Thank you Lisa for this blog and your honesty
    Well done good luck with your blog 🙏


    1. Thanks so much for your honesty too it’s much appreciated! Yes worrying and trying to be perfect are very common amongst us moms! I will be doing a blog on that soon 😉 I think you’re right we should move to giving ourselves a pat on the back more often than the automatic thinking of maybe I could of done better 😉 I like to think about all the great things I’ve accomplished during my day before I drift off to sleep. Note these could be very small to quite big depending on my day… however the size is not important to me it’s the feeling it gives me. Love and best wishes to you Mary 🙏❤️
      Ps: you’re welcome to join our private Facebook group which I am in the process of opening, check out this link:


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