Moms speaking their truth

Hello Moms!

This is my first blog post 🙂

I’ve decided to create this blog and post as often as I can on all the joys and challenges of being a mom?!!!

I’m also looking for a connection with other moms out there.  Perhaps we can help each other and offer support.

Having left my full-time role as a self-employed business analyst last year and now being home with my beautiful Issey all the time – I thought having this blog would be something that’s just for me.

My aim is to also set up a private Facebook group so we can post images, questions and provide a safe space for us all to connect.

I consider myself a multi-passionate mom, so that means I have lots of interests: besides trying to be the best mom to my daughter I also love learning about nutrition, essential oils and cooking especially anything related to plant-based meals, juices, and smoothies. I absolutely love reading (especially self-help books – particularly interested in the mind-body connection), meditating (nearly 4 years of practice now… ;0) yoga and practicing Reiki (delighted to become a practitioner last year). These are just some of my passions –  perhaps you’d like to share some of yours with me…

Love to hear from you…

Best wishes, Lisa X


2 thoughts on “Moms speaking their truth”

  1. Hi Lisa , well done on writing your first blog and for sharing your story. I’ve always admired your tanacity and courage . I’m sure many of us may dream of striking out on our own in search of a more fulfilling career or to pursue a passion, but for a lot of us fear gets in the way – perhaps you could share with us the challenges you faced and how you overcame them.

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  2. Thanks lovely Lillian for taking the time to comment. Well regarding fear I’ve learnt it never goes away, always have it especially when trying new things, but have decided to just do things/create things I want anyway… also it’s okay to make mistakes and learn from them. I believe we are here on this earth to follow our passions and when we do that everyone is happy 😉 hope that answers your question somewhat.. might be a topic for a blog?! 😃 best, Lisa x


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